Guest Artist Workshops


July 10-13 Exploring Pots and Possibilities with Bill Wilkey

This vessel-focused workshop will help students pay close attention to pots being made both on and off the wheel. We will focus on form and talk about surface as a way to accentuate the geometry of the pot. Demonstrations will include sketching, designing, handbuilding, and throwing as well as multiple discussions that go into the choices involved. We will use slips and texturing tools to develop the surface of these forms. Tuition $400/$350 for members

July 22 &23 Headscapes: Ceramic Sculpture with Jacob Foran

This workshop will focus on hand building methods for creating figurative sculpture, specifically the human head and bust. We will approach the figure as an object for dialogue, allowing persona to emerge throughout the process of making. Students will learn a range of construction techniques such as coil, slab, and altered press casting. Demonstrations will deal with sculpting the hollow form from general to specific with an emphasis on capturing the expressiveness of gaze. Tuition $275/$250 for members

Aug 9 & 10 Throw, Alter, Transform with Gerald Arrington

In Partnership with Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Boulder Mountain Clayworks presents this transformative workshop focused on the thrown closed form by utilizing uncommon and creative techniques developed and refined over the past 16 years by Gerald, himself. His work is reminiscent of stratified sedimentary stones worn smooth by water. Gerald was awarded “Best in Ceramics” by Sun Valley Center for the Arts in 2016! Tuition $275/$250 for members of BMC & SVCA.

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