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The Art of Working with Porcelain with Tom Coleman


World renowned ceramist, Tom Coleman will demonstrate techniques of thrown and altered porcelain. There will be a discussion of different glaze applications including spraying and dipping and several types of surface design, brush, slips and stamps. Tom will also discuss gas reduction firings with a firing of your already bisqued pieces. He will also answer questions regarding photographing and marketing your work.

Tuition $500/$450 for members


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Hybrids with Jennifer Shenk


In this workshop, you will handbuild a hybrid piece that is both a vessel and a sculpture: a jar shaped as an animal or a vase in the form of a plant. You will learn coil and slab building techniques while developing your own 3-D pattern to be applied to the surface of your piece.

Tuition $275 for non-members/$250 for members



Thrown & Altered Porcelain with Lauren Smith


Working with porcelain, students will have the opportunity to create a variety of forms thrown on the wheel and altered with some handbuilding techniques. You will discover new methods and tips to create sensual forms. We will discuss glazing, specifically spraying. Participants will take home glaze recipes and new skills to apply to their work and studio practices.

Tuition $275 for non-members/$250 for members



Teen Throwing Camps


Teens, ages middle school and older, will learn the basics of pottery throwing while making mugs, ice cream bowls and all things round. The potters with more experience will design their own projects and try a set of mugs, bowls, etc.

All classes 1:30-4:00, glaze days 9:30. Tuition $165


One Day Workshops


Enjoy a quick splash of creativity! These classes are designed for any level of ability.

For teens and adults. Fee $25 per workshop.

July 18 10:00-12:00 Flower Garden Stakes with Susan Winget

Aug 15 10:00-12:00 Serving Platters and Bowls


Youth Clay Camps


Super Hero Summer

Children ages 6-12 will explore the super fantastical world of the heroes we all love and want to be. They will create their own original super hero, accessories and all, shadow boxes with heroes vs. villains, and ZING! BAM! POW! Bowls for their anti-kryptonite ice cream.

All classes 9:30-12:00. Tuition $148


Family Clay Afternoons


Families enjoy creating together. Fun for all ages.

July 11 Bird Baths | Aug 1 Spaghetti Bowls (or even a colander)

Tuition $45 for 1 adult and 1 child, $10 for each additional person in your party.

1:30-3:00 pm



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