Tuscany on Tenth

August 5, 2016

WHAT a great success and what FUN!

Our wonderful chairpeople Maureen Jenner, Susan Winget and Diane Walker would like to thank our Donors:

Scott Mason and Ketchum Grill, Pam Sabel, Jim Romberg, , Rachel Stevens, Susan Ward, Lauren Street, Mary Ann Chubb, Jake Adicoff, Bigwood Bread, Big Wood Golf Course, Zenergy, Brenda Powell, Sue Bridgman Florist , Marian English, Mary Jones – The Chocolate Moose, Ketchum Kitchens, The Toy Store, Leeann’s Pet Salon, First Lite, Nesbit Hatch, PK’s Ski, Bellissimo, Kathy Jones, YMCA, NourishMe (Julie Johnson), Thunder Paws (Hurlie Hamilton), Webb Nursery, Moss Nursery, Anette Farham– Vertu, Nancy Kelly, , Mike Baker Sandra Hofferber, Pam Doucette, Michelle Adams, Linda Drake, Linda Vinagre, Ileana Woods, Nesbitt Hatch, Cliff Frates, Sue Conner, Doug Tedrow, Lizzy’s Coffee, Leslie St. Laurent.

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