Membership Options:

Memberships are the ideal way for potters and artists to enjoy all that Boulder Mountain Clayworks has to offer.

Annual Membership* (one year commitment)

  • $750 may be paid annually,
  • $375 Biannually,
  • $175187.5 quarterly, or
  • $65 monthly

*Members are allowed to bring guests’ for an hourly fee per guest*

  • Hourly guest fee: $8 / Hour

Part-time Membership*

  • Monthly: $115 / Month

*All memberships allow unlimited time and begin date of purchase.

Membership Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I use the studio?

Studio is open to member potters every day from 6 AM to 9 PM (or later if needed)

Can I use a credit cards?

Credit Cards are welcome.

When are firings?

Firings occur when enough work is available to fill the kilns. Raku firings are also planned based on the amount of work needed to fill a firing.

Do you sell clay and glazes and are there any additional fees?

We have 10 high fire clays ranging from 2 porcelains to several stonewares. Prices range from $30 to $58 per 25 lb bag. Clay price includes tax, all glazes & firings. We have over 50 high fire reduction glazes.

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