JIM ROMBERG – video presentation

January 28, 2014

4 responses to “JIM ROMBERG – video presentation”

  1. Lisa Chambers says:

    Pretty pretty glazes.

  2. Mary Ann Chubb says:

    Great video showcasing Romberg’s work. Lyrical and gorgeous!
    He is a true master of the art of raku.

  3. Pam Doucette says:

    excited to participate in this! Romberg looks like a master in pulling creativity from individuals as well as objects.

  4. jim mccartney says:

    it is always good to see some of Jim’s work. 40 years ago he taught me some of the basics about clay and raku, at Texas Tech. I will always remember his great kindness to a non-artist, how he helped me to “see” in very different ways and explore the very nature of clay and the process of raku with great love.

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